DNS Management

DNS Management

Being able to manage your DNS records depends on where your nameservers are pointing.

You will only be able to manage your DNS records from your Domains.coop account if your domain is hosted on our default nameservers:



If you have a domain registered with us that is using third-party nameservers, then you will need to login to your hosting providers account to manage your DNS.

Managing your DNS records with Domains.coop

To manage DNS records from your Domains.coop account, you will need to:

  • Login to your account (https://my.domains.coop)
  • Click on the domain you wish to modify > DNS Management
  • Edit your DNS records as required > Save changes
  • Please note when adding DNS records for the root domain, do not leave the Hostname field blank. You need to enter @ or your domain name.

    Please also note that if you do not click save changes then your settings will not update.

    If you have any issues editing your DNS records, please contact our support team on support@domains.coop and they will be happy to assist you.

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