Updating WHOIS contact information

Updating WHOIS contact information

It is vitally important that you keep your domain WHOIS information up to date in order to receive important notifications such as expiration notices.

To update your domain WHOIS information, please follow the below steps:


1. Login to your Domains.coop account - https://my.domains.coop

2. Click on Services > Domains and then click on the domain you wish to edit

3. Select Contact Information to bring up your current WHOIS contacts

4. You can set them all to use a current contact EG main contact. If you want different contact information for a specific contact, select Custom and enter the requested information.


Please note that registrant and admin WHOIS contact changes must be confirmed via email. Please ask both the current and gaining contacts to check their mailboxes for the confirmation email, and confirm the changes to the WHOIS.

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