Billing, Invoices and Payments

When you need to make payment for the registration or renewal of a service, you can create the order through your customer account at

An invoice will be generated with the order, which you can pay using PayPal, either through your PayPal account or by selecting ‘checkout as guest’ where you can enter your credit card details.

To clear your pending invoices, please follow the below steps:

  1. Login to your customer account
  2. Click on Billing on the lefthand side
  3. Click "Pay all due invoices" > Click "Pay now"
  4. Click on the PayPal icon to be redirected to our PayPal gateway
  5. Once through to PayPal, select the option to pay as a guest and enter an email address

You can also add funds to your account balance and use these to pay for future invoices.

If you cannot pay by PayPal or credit card, we do accept bank transfer payments.

Please contact for information on making payment this way.

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